Clickfunnels Affiliate Case Study: How Rachel makes 40% Commissions while she sleeps!

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Like many Clickfunnels affiliates, Rachel runs a small marketing business creating sales funnels for local & online businesses using Clickfunnels. With each new client, she also makes a Clickfunnels sale as the funnels that she builds run on the Clickfunnels platform.

Over time, she noticed that the passive income from the 40% recurring commissions was really starting to mount up from her customer’s subscriptions.

She came to realisation that there was a business to be made with just the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program, without the time consuming process of building and maintaining sales funnels for other businesses.

Rachel’s Clickfunnels Affiliate Story

Rachel recorded a video to tell her story. The next 10 minutes could change how you look at affiliate marketing:

Transcript: How to make money as a Clickfunnels Affiliate (with 40% Commissions)

Hey guys, Rachel Lee here! Today I’m going to share with you how I got started in Affiliate Marketing.

So, I remember when I first got started, and it was from telling clients about software they were going to need for their online marketing. I was doing online client work, like helping them with their social media and their funnels and their Facebook ads and their email marketing. And for all this stuff, they need software.

So I said, before your get the software, make sure you sign up with my affiliate link, and then I will get the monthly recurring affiliate commissions.

And that was great. The main product I would promote to them was Clickfunnels, the landing page software that I need them to have to do their Facebook ads and their funnels to collect leads for them. And that is $97/month and I get 40% affiliate commissions from it, so that’s like $38/month.

And actually I had one client who decided to sign up for the $997 package of Clickfunnels because it just made more sense for her. It was a better bundle. And I got an instant $400 commission from that!

clickfunnels affiliate program recurring 40% commissions

So, I was like, this is awesome, and I was repeating that but it was still kind of slow. Every once in a while when I got a client i would get a new commission. But I could only take on so many clients. It was effective, but it wasn’t scalable as it was alot of one to one sales. I was still doing the marketing for myself, and the sales for myself, only to eventually get the client, and then do their marketing and help them with their sales, which then takes away time from doing my own marketing. It’s just not so scalable.

And you know what? I don’t like to work! I like driving traffic, and collecting the leads and then converting the sales, but then having to do the fulfilment also… it’s a great learning experience, but I’d rather just be getting the affiliate commissions.

So I made the decision to start phasing out my client work, stop taking on new clients, and dedicating more time, energy and resources on growing the affiliate marketing commissions because there are so many software products you can promote. There’s alot of offers and online courses, and other digital products you can promote, and even non-digital like ecommerce and physical products.

I decided my niche and my focus would be online marketing software and tools.

I decided to do it the right way. When you do it right, you can eventually scale to a level where you receive bonuses, super affiliate commissions, higher tiers that you might qualify for, dream cars, etc. The right way to do it is to be driving traffic to your own funnel.

Instead of being on the phone doing sales one-on-one, you want to have your own automated funnel, driving traffic to that, collecting your own leads, and converting them into sales online with your own email followup to get people to sign up for whatever affiliate offers you’re promoting.

It’s scalable because you setup systems, and you reinvest your revenue and your profits into more testing and into what is actually working.

And the sky is the limit with affiliate marketing. There is no cap to it. The software products are always improving so there are always more affiliate offers to promote to people. It doesn’t work to just send out an email and say ‘buy this software because I said so’. You have to provide educational content, valuable content and freebies, and then have them make the choice themselves that this is the software or product that they want to invest in for their business.

Why Rachel Loves the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

There are so many different softwares and programs that you can promote. But why I think Clickfunnels is the best affiliate program to promote if you’re getting started, we’ll there’s a few reasons:

Number One, because it’s such a versatile platform. It’s used for building entire websites. You can build landing pages, squeeze pages, optin funnels for your lead magnets. You can use to run webinars. You can build online courses with it, and password protected membership sites. There’s even builtin email marketing, and you can use it to create your own affiliate program so other people can sell your courses and products for you. There’s just so many things the Clickfunnels software can do.

Number Two, is the profits you can get from it. So Clickfunnels pay out 40% affiliate commissions which is great. Some programs only pay like 3% commissions, or 10%. 40% is really good, especially when the price points are $97/month, it means you’re getting $38/month every month. Or the next price point is $297/month so you’re getting $120/month for each customer.

Let’s say you signed up 100 affiliates, you got 100 affiliates to sign up under your link, only with the basic versions (although alot of them with go the pro version), but let’s be conservative here, thats $3800/month passive income.

And if you have your funnel setup where it’s constantly generating traffic and leads and sales, it’s going to keep growing month on month. They have some other programs too where you get instant commissions like books and training.

Number Three, is I really like to promote Clickfunnels because there is so much support. There’s a huge community of other people using Clickfunnels, you can ask your friends in the Facebook community if you have issues, as well as great tech support from Clickfunnels staff. And also they have so much free training, I’ve learnt so much about online marketing and about funnels and traffic and lead generation and webinars and converisions and affiliate marketing through Clickfunnels training. And alot of the training is free online, or free once you’re a member.

The last reason why I really like to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate offer is that if you’re going to be doing affiliate marketing, then you’re going to need landing page software anyway. So you might as well promote the software you’re already using.

How To Get Started With The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

It’s super cool. I highly suggest signing up for the free Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. I’ll just share with your guys real quick the jist of it, how I got started and how you can get started. I would say to take the next action step to move yourself forward be to keep educating yourself. I got started with the Affiliate Bootcamp which you can sign up for here for free. The give you a ton of more training on how you can choose what funnels and products you want to promote, your traffic strategy, help you build out a funnel and setup email sequences, and you can start promoting Clickfunnels straight away as an affiliate and start getting those commissions.

There’s other ways to promote it too. You can promote to certain niches. Say you want to have an offer for Chiropractors, you could make a special landing page template for the Chiropractors and give them a free download. And then when they sign up to use the template, they’re under your Clickfunnels Affiliate link so you get the commission.

So in the Affiliate Bootcamp, there a bunch of videos on how you can start making commissions on it, and you can also apply alot of these strategies to other software’s affiliate programs. So let’s say people get Clickfunnels and they want a seperate email marketing system, you can promote Convertkit or Aweber with your affiliate links for those products. Let’s say they need a domain name, you can promote your GoDaddy affiliate link. Whatever software you like, you can see if they have an affiliate program and promote using the same strategies you’ve learned in the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

Hopefully you found this useful. If you did, have a look at Rachel’s YouTube channel for some more great videos about her affiliate marketing journey.

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