Clickfunnels Affiliate Squeeze Pages: Marketing Secrets Blackbook Case Study

Are video sales letters dead? Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Blackbook has proved the answer is No! There’s alot of chatter in the online marketing space about VSL effectiveness with Youtube taking away the autoplay functionality for embeded videos. Affiliate marketers using Clickfunnels and other squeeze page technology are seeing a downturn in conversions as potential customers aren’t clicking the play button to start a video sales letter playing.

Russell Brunson from Clickfunnels has just released a new book, Marketing Secrets Blackbook as a free giveaway to hook people into the Clickfunnels ecosystem. Previously, with his other books including DotComSecrets, Expert Secrets and the Funnel Hacker Cookbook, Russell has implemented some killer VSL’s to give away these free physical books.

See how dotcomsecrets and the marketing secrets blackbook are driving more sales for clickfunnels
The DotComSecrets Sales Page is tuned for results and easy to duplicate for your own business
The 2017 DotComSecrets Video Sales Letter

So for 2018, with the release of the Marketing Secrets Blackbook, Russell has gone back in time. He’s used a super basic squeeze page, with a design that was popular around 2012.

The Marketing Secrets Blackbook Squeeze Page

Clean & simple, with a flashing arrow pointing to the email optin box. No fancy popups. No videos. Just an ebook cover, a call to action, and an email optin form.

The Marketing Secrets Blackbook squeeze page

The 2018 Marketing Secrets Blackbook Optin. So Old School!

The Marketing Secrets Blackbook Thank You Page

The ‘Thank You’ page for this Clickfunnels affiliate squeeze page is so simple too. There are three choices — subscribe to Russell Brunson’s podcast, download the Blackbook, or download the Blackbook Binge Guide (a condensed version). No OTO’s, no upsells or downsells, just the free ebooks and podcast.

marketing secrets blackbook thank you page

This page also has the option of allowing browser notifications from Clickfunnels, and of course, they’ve captured an email, set Facebook & Google pixels for retargeting ads, and set a “Clickfunnels Affiliate Sticky Cookie” to encourage affiliates to promote the free ebook giveaway. If you’ve reached this page, you’re going to be getting daily emails, as well as retargeted Facebook & Google Display Network ads for the Clickfunnels software as well as Russell’s other books and training.

Russell Brunson talks more about this simple funnel in his podcast episode “The Rebirth Of The Squeeze And The Refocus On The Hook” and the success he’s seeing with this old style lead capture system.

Have you been running any traditional style squeeze pages lately and getting better results than video sales letters? I’d love to get some feedback!

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