Clickfunnels “Funnel Hacks” Training (2019) – Everything You Need To Know

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Clickfunnels is one of the fastest growing SAAS companies and is easily the largest company in the online lead generation space. Hundreds of Clickfunnels users have entered their “two comma club” by creating sales funnels that have generated over $1,000,000 in revenue.

In 2019, Clickfunnels is poised for further growth as their brand recognition as the market leader continues to expand. And their product range also continues to grow too.

What Is Clickfunnels Funnel Hacks?

In 2018, Clickfunnels Funnel Hacks system was the best way to get started as a new user of Clickfunnels. The system not only gives you access to world class training in the development of sales funnels for any industry, but also includes as a bonus your first 6 months of Clickfunnels access. And in 2019, there is a new offering that is even better value too (but I’ll get to that shortly…)

Clickfunnels provide you with some tremendous value when you sign up to the Funnel Hacks system.

Let’s have a look at what you get inside:

6 Week Funnel Hacks Masterclass

The first section of the Funnel Hacks System is the 6 week masterclass. This course alone is easily worth the price of admission. Here’s a quick screenshot:

As you can see from the menu, the masterclass is broken up into a number of easily digestible modules. Most of the content is video based and taught by Clickfunnels founder & online entrepreneur Russell Brunson. The content includes:

– An introduction to building sales funnels in Clickfunnels

– “Hacking My Funnels” – a behind the scene look as some of Russell Brunson’s most successful sales funnels.

– Fast product development + a $5500 bonus module to teach you how to quickly create an online product to sell

Then we get into the 6 main modules:
– Module 1 – Opt-In Funnels

– Module 2 – Sales Funnels

– Module 3 – Webinar Funnels (this module is insane!)

– Module 4 – Automated Webinars

– Module 5 – Membership Sites

– Module 6 – Launch Funnels

– And another bonus module – Russell Brunson throws in a quick “Traffic Hacks” training session (this is not the same as the full blown “Instant Traffic Hacks” course but is a cool session)

So thats the first part done!
Next we have …

Inception Secrets

This course is huge and covers off all your could ever want to know about copywriting and creating compelling sales letters, videos, webinars and much more…

Let’s take a look inside Russell Brunson’s Inception Secrets training:

To warm up, there’s two introductory videos which are recordings of Russell Brunson’s Inception Secrets Live presentations as he delivered to his Clickfunnels Inner Circle and Funnel Hacking Live events.

Then we get into the meat and potatoes – The Scripts – which you get as training recordings from live events + PDF files with read-to-go scripts to tweak and plug in to your sales systems….

– The Who, What, Why, How. If you’ve already read Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets book, then you will have a taste of what this module is about. This video goes into a lot more depth

– The Star, Story, Solution Script

– The Art of the Upsell. OTO, or One Time Offer scripts

– The Funnel Hacking Masterclass revealed the product launch formula and funnel. Now in this training module, you’ll get the exact scripts you need for a killer product launch.

– Ever thought about selling with Webinars? The 6 week Funnel Hacks masterclass revealed how to setup and automate webinars. Now with the Perfect Webinar module, you get the process, slides and scripts layed out and ready to use.
**** Note: If you would like to get the Perfect Webinar module without buying the full Funnel Hacking suite, it is a available as a single product. It’s Free too, with just a small shipping charge to post the DVD version of the training. You can get it by CLICKING HERE ****

– The Magic Bullet Script. I can’t go into too much detail, but I can say this script alone will more than cover the investment in the Funnel Hacking Secrets system.

– And the final killer script – the “Two Step Close”. If you’re selling high ticket items online or offline, this proven and tested system with ramp up your close rate on high value sales. Whether you’re selling courses online or real estate offline, you’ll get immense value from this module.

So do you think the Funnel Hacking System has delivered some great value yet? Well just wait, there’s more! 🙂

The next training system to be thrown in the bundle is the:

Attractive Character Secrets

The Attractive Character training will teach you how to be positioned as the expert in your field and is delivered as a recording from a previous DotCom Secrets Ignite event.

This training also includes training videos and handouts for Russell Brunson’s two favorite styles of email marketing: The Soap Opera Sequences, and the Daily Seinfeld Email.

This is a crazy amount of value. But there’s once critical piece missing, and that’s traffic. Without being able to bring quality traffic to your funnels at a cost that makes sense, then none of this even matters.

Which is why the Funnel Hacks system also includes one final course:

Instant Traffic Hacks

I can’t possibly go through screenshots of every module in this course. It’s huge! And you get training on almost every traffic source you could possibly think of, from free sources such as SEO and Social Media, to media buying, solo ads, PPV and lots more. But have a look at some of the menu items for a teaser…

So that wraps up the training component.

But the best is yet to come! The Funnel Hacks system also includes 6 months of free access to Clickfunnels full suite which is valued at $297/month, giving you not only the ability to create killer sales funnels, but also advanced tools for email automation, membership sites, ecommerce and even the ability to run your own affiliate programs.

So to find out more about Funnel Hacks, just CLICK HERE to watch Russell Brunson’s free Funnel Hacking webinar and to get the bonus 2018 rate to be let into the Funnel Hacks system.

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