How ClickFunnels helped Natalie Hodson Explode Her Information Product Business

Are you in the business of selling information products online? As you probably know, it’s a pretty competitive space. The barrier to entry is pretty low so unless you’ve got something really unique, or a kick-ass sales funnel to upsell more products & extract every last dollar out of your buyers, it can be a real struggle.

Natalie Hodson is a rare success story in the information product industry, and is crushing it selling her cookbooks online using a sales fun built with Clickfunnels

Natalie found that she needed a solution to reach more of her audience and had people suggest that she use a sales funnel software known as ClickFunnels. Using this software platform, she was able to scale her information product business to achieve $20,000 in just one day selling her cookbooks.

As she was learning about ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson and sales funnels, she found that by using the product she was not only able to further reach her audience but serve them better as well. You can check out Natalie Hodson’s full story here

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