Five Tips To Pick The Best Affiliate Program To Promote

Having dabbled in the affiliate space for a while, I’ve come to learn that affiliate marketing can be very easy and very lucrative if it’s done right. But done wrong, it can be a massive time suck, not to mention a drain on your wallet with expensive tools, software and advertising costs.

With thousands upon thousands of products available to promote, picking the right product can be a daunting task. The hunt can take forever, and making the wrong choice can be the difference between a successful Affiliate Marketing business or failure that sends you crawling back to a nine-to-five job.

five tips to pick the best affiliate program

So here’s my Top Five Tips to help you pick the Best Affiliate Program To Promote:

Tip #1: Stick to established companies with great products

There’s nothing worse than getting to a stage where you’ve got a winning affiliate campaign, only to have the underlying business that you’re promoting vanish. I’ve had this plenty of times in the past, promoting courses from JVZoo & Clickbank. The course authors make most of their money in the first 6 months after a launch then abandon the product and move on to the next venture, while their affiliates and members are left in the lurch.

Work with businesses who have been around for a while and are still going to be here in a few years time.

Tip #2: Never pay to be a part of an Affiliate Program.

Guilty! I fell for this one. I got sucked into a an “affiliate program” that requires you to pay a subscription fee to promote their product. And then you needed to buy their higher level products in order to promote the products that paid a better commission. Arrgh! How gullable was I?! They called it an affiliate programs but really it was a shady multi-level-marketing scheme.

If you’ve got to pay, forget it. There are plenty of amazing affiliate programs that never require you to pay a cent to promote. (Scroll to the bottom, or keep reading to see my favorite)

Tip #3: Go for High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Is it really any harder to sell a $7 ebook than it is to sell at $997 course? Is it harder to sell a $5 spatula than it is to sell a $1995 set of golf clubs? Of course not! Put the right offer in front of the right person when they’re ready to pull out their credit card and there’s a good chance you’ll get the sale.

In general, the higher the sale price, the bigger the commission you’ll get. So make sure you’re working with Affiliate Programs that have some big items to sell

Tip #4: Make sure your Affiliate Programs have a Great Funnel

Selling high ticket items is great, but sometimes it’s easier once the buyer has been warmed up and trusts you. This is where funnels come into play.

Great businesses will have a sales funnel which pays you commission on the sale of multiple products at different price points.

For example, an offer might start with a free ebook. You don’t get paid if someone signs up to get the ebook, but then they’re offered a audio version for $47, then they’re offered a short course for $97, then they’re offered a membership for $37/month, then they’re offered a conference for $4997. And you get paid a commission for all of these future sales once you’ve put a buyer into the funnel.

Can you see the power of working with a business that offers an affiliate program like this?

Tip #5: Continuity is King! Choose an affiliate program that pays you forever

I love it when I can make one sale and get paid month on month. There are plenty of affiliate programs out there that have continuity built in. Often they will be software or services like web hosting, membership programs, magazine subscriptions, or consumables like weight loss supplements.

Software like email marketing, website hosting, and CRM systems are my favorite as once this is integrated into someone’s business, it is painful to move to another product so continuity from one sale can continue for years or even decades.

So What Is The Best Affiliate Program?

It’s been a challenge for me to find a single Affilaite Program that encompasses all of these success traits but I have managed to find one.

My favorite affiliate program which ticks all five of these boxes is the affiliate program for Clickfunnels.

Chances are, you’ve probably used a Clickfunnels website but never realised it. Their core product is essentially a website builder that focuses on collecting leads. But over the last few years, the software has evolved into much more, including online ecommerce transactions, membership sites, automated webinars, and even creating your own affiliate programs.

This core software product has a recurring subscription model with two price points: $97/m & $297/m, both of which pay you a 40% monthly commission.

But they also have a range of products at varying price points and amazing upsell funnels to maximise the value of every customer.

For example, there is the “DotCom Secrets” book. The book is free with a small shipping cost, but there is an amazing backend funnel:

dotcom secrets book affiliate program upsells

And then if they purchase any of their other products in future, or subscribe to the Clickfunnels software, then you will earn more again! The Clickfunnels Affiliate marketing team will also continue to promote other products to your customers through email, Facebook Ads, YouTube and the Google Advertising Network so it’s not unusual to see more suprise commissions as time goes on.

Another example with a low entry point is the “Funnel Hacker Cookbook”, a free ebook or a free + shipping physical book with a fantastic upsell funnel.

Bonus! Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Give You Free Affiliate Training

Clickfunnels know that a large amount of their business relies on affiliate marketers like you and I promoting their business, so they provide an amazing training program for free to help you grow your affiliate business. The content is this course is of a superb quality with great Facebook Advertising and email marketing education which would cost you $1000’s with other training providers.

Visit the Clickfunnels Bootcamp to sign up to their free affiliate marketing training program.

And you can signup for the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program at:

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Bonus #2! Clickfunnels will pay for your Dream Car

As an extra incentive to enrol more members to the monthly Clickfunnels software subscription, they have a promotion to “pay for your dream car”. The way this works is once you have 100 active members, they’ll cover up to $500/m on a lease for your car, and $1000/m once you hit 200 active members.

Visit the “What’s Your Dream Car” page for more information about this bonus and to see what some of the other affiliates are already driving.

So make sure to check out the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program. Do your own checks, but I’m sure you will be impressed with what the Clickfunnels team have to offer you as an affiliate.


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