How I (almost) cracked the $10,000 mark with Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

I’ve dabbled. For over 10 years I’ve dabbled. I’ve had a go at Clickbank, I’ve promoted a few JVZoo products, I’ve even tried reviewing a few products around the house to drive some traffic to Amazon’s affiliate program.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made some money over the years dabbling in these programs, but I’ve never gone all in. It always seemed like too much work, writing blog posts and creating Youtube videos just for a few cents in affiliate income here and there.

Until now.

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

$10,000Here I come!

Less than 6 months ago, I came across the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program. And at first I didn’t think much of it. Just another affiliate program, eh? But then I dug deeper.

You see, Russell Brunson, the CEO of Clickfunnels, has years of experience in affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing prior to creating the Clickfunnels product. He knows what super affiliates want and he’s build the program in such a way that makes any seasoned affiliate marketer start drooling. He taken the best bits from affiliate marketing and the best bits from MLM, and left anything shady behind to build a super affiliate program.

So what makes the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program so special? Here’s my list:

  • First, it’s free to join, has no fees and has a no hassle signup process.
  • They have amazing products with high converting sales pages and webinars. They do all the selling. Super easy
  • The product range includes “free + shipping” books with OTO upsells, software with recurring month commissions, and high end training, all with 40% commissions.
  • Their “client for life” structure means that you can get someone in with a free book, then Clickfunnels will progressively upsell them to other products. They will continue to retarget your customers with Facebook ads and email followups, so one sale can mean years of ongoing commissions
  • They have an amazing, free Affiliate Bootcamp course, which is exactly what I’ve used to make close to $10,000 in commissions in less than 6 months. The compounding effects they teach in the course mean that each month, you see a bigger commission check
  • And they have a two-tier system, that encourages you to refer new affiliates. Every time one of your referral affiliate make a sale, you also get paid 5% of their sale.
  • Oh, another cool bonus too. When you hit 100 subscribers for the Clickfunnels software, they’ll pay $500/month towards the lease payment on a new luxury car, and that goes up to $1000/month with 200 subscribers. Can’t wait to hit that mark! Check out some ‘dream car winners’ in this quick video! 

So how did I achieve success with the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program?

First, I’ll say it wasn’t easy. It took a little while to see results. But I followed the process.

The process is what is taught in the Affiliate Bootcamp course. The course is 100% free, so there’s no risk in clicking the link and having a look yourself.

In a nutshell though, the course teaches:

  • Defining your ideal customer so you know who you’re marketing too and what message you’re going to deliver
  • Building lead capture pages to start building your own email list
  • Growing your list with Facebook Ads and other targeted traffic
  • Marketing the Clickfunnels books, software and training from both the ‘thankyou pages’ from the optin pages, but also long term from your email list
  • Retargeting ads with Facebook and Google to ensure your message gets in front of people who don’t read emails.

That kind of overly simplifies what is an outstanding, in depth training course. Similar courses from expert affiliate marketers and Facebook Ads specialists would cost thousands. But Clickfunnels are giving this away absolutely free. Which is great, and it makes perfect sense for them as they want to empower you to sell more of their products. It’s a win-win for all.

So How Do You Get Started With ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing?

It’s simple. Just join the Affiliate Bootcamp. Once you’re in, you get the links to join the affiliate program and to join the Clickfunnels Avengers Facebook Group which is an amazing private community of like-minded, friendly and supportive affiliates.

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