Case Study Part 1: Quality Real Estate Listing Leads with Facebook & Clickfunnels

Have you every tried to get your own Real Estate Listing Leads online?

Many of my past successes have been in the health & medical space – personal trainers, gyms, chiropractors, masseuses & beauty therapists.

These sort of businesses are pretty easy to get good leads.

  • Come up with a hook – usually a free offer, trial or a huge discount for new customers
  • Build a lead capture page with Clickfunnels to get an email & phone number
  • Run a Facebook ad targeting the local region, with some creative targeting to focus on people with the financial means to become repeat customers
  • Collect the leads, and call immediately to book an appointment
  • And use the “Value Ladder” concept to upsell to more expensive products or a continuity plan

the value ladder

The “Value Ladder”. source: Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson

It’s a pretty simple rinse and repeat model that can be applied to many types of business where a product or service with low cost but high perceived value can be used as a hook for a new customer.

The Real Estate Listing Leads Opportunity…

So, when the opportunity arose to work with a real estate client came up, I was excited about the challenge of setting up a Real Estate Listing Leads system.

There were two things that the real estate client wanted to achieve from the marketing campaign:

  • One, find potential sellers who would be ready to list their home either immediately or in the very near future, and
  • Two, quickly build a local profile so that locals home owners would come to know them as the local area expert

We figured that while the long term profile is nice, the focus should be on the immediate real estate listing lead generation, but with their profile as part of the process so that there is some instant credibility when they meet in person to sign up the listing.

At the moment, this is just theory. We are in the process of putting video’s together with our real estate client, but we are very confident that this is going to work. (Part 2 will go over the results of this marketing experiment, good or bad)

The strategy we have come up with is an elegant retargeting solution utilizing Facebook’s video retargeting capabilities. We want to implement a solution that would take our client from an unknown agent to the local expert in just one day. No easy feat, but we think it’s doable.

We also want to make sure that the clients who come through the funnel are not only ready to list their home very soon, but are also the sort of home owners that our clients want to do business with. The sellers should be pre-educated about how to sell a home for the best price. They should understand the value of staging with nice furnishings, should understand that the home needs to have maintenance issues addressed before marketing, should be aware that quality marketing is crucial, and should be prepared to invest in some or all of the marketing out of their own pocket.

Building a Real Estate Listing Leads Funnel

So to achieve this, we’re going to make the education process as sales funnel. And we’re going to do it with video recordings of our real estate client, along with other relevant professionals as a joint venture.

dotcom secrets lifetime of a lead

“The Lifeline Of A Lead” — Source: Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson

Video one of our Real Estate Listing Lead system will be a five minute guide to staging your home. Our client will be teaming up with a local home staging business, and will present some tips and tricks on staging a home to improve the value. This video will then be used as an advertisement on Facebook, targeted at a radius of 5 miles around the client’s office. We probably won’t use any other targeting, other than maybe an age over 21.

Real Estate Listing Leads Facebook Strategy

We will creating a few Facebook custom audiences based on 25%, 50%, 75% & 95% video views. Our feeling is that anyone who watches at least half of the five minute staging video probably has some interest is selling their home and someone who gets to 95% will have a high interest in not only selling, but also staging for a higher price.

Video 2 will be a marketing case study, probably another 5 minutes to demonstrate the value of professional photography, video and 3D tours. Again, the video will feature my real estate client, along side his professional photographer.

The video will then be used for a second ad. This ad will only be shown to people who have watched the first video. Initially, we plan to work with the 50% audience, and will likely test against the 75% and 95% audiences once enough data is available. Once again, we will create new Facebook custom audiences based on 50%, 75% & 95% views of this second video.

If someone had watched 95% of the staging video and 95% of the marketing video, then surely there’s a very good chance that they’re moving soon and they want to know how to get the best price. Even 50% & 50% should be a pretty good listing prospect. And they’ve seen my client twice now being positioned as the local marketing expert. Win!

So finally with video 3, we want to do a short case study and a customer testimonial interview with a recent seller who got a call great price after staging and professional marketing. The video will conclude with a call to action, to visit a Clickfunnels lead capture page. We plan to split test a few pages, because as the this stage we’re not sure what is going to work best:

  • A free home valuation
  • A free staging consultation with both our client and their staging partner
  • A free home staging guidebook
  • (and I’m still trying to think of more)

So by this stage, hopefully we have captured a great lead and have been able to book a physical appointment with the potential seller.

We also want our client to be top of mind with potential sellers who either didn’t fill in the lead form, or those who did complete the form but haven’t listed their home yet. The plan is to record a few more testimonial videos, as well as so short and sweet home selling tip videos, and continue to drip feed them as retargeted ads to anyone who watched half way through the second video, again with a call to action to direct them to the Clickfunnels lead capture page.

We can’t wait to get this Real Estate Listing Leads strategy up and running soon, and are having fun recording the videos.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for video ideas, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’ll be back with the next part soon…

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